Everlasting Mystical Premium Soju Hamper


What is everlasting hamper?

Most hampers in the market would generate substantial amount of waste upon opening of the hamper.
We wanted to reduce the amount of waste, hence we crafted the everlasting hampers such that after the removal of the hamper products it remains as a beautiful exquisite floral centre piece.
Seoul Night Plum Soju 23% alcohol 375ML

Someone 21 years of age or older must be available to sign for any alcohol orders

Care Instructions

After removing the wrapper of your bouquet, carefully cut approximately 2cm away from the stem at an angle.

Place them in a clean vase filled with room-temperature water – the cooler the better!

Frequent change of water and stem trimming also adds to preserving its freshness.

Do avoid sunlight, heat and even fruits!

Lastly, treat it with extra love and care!

Fairy Lights +
Chicken Essence +
Bird Nest +
Ferrero Rocher T24 +
Vase +
Helium Birthday (D1) Balloon +
Helium Birthday (D2) Balloon +
Helium Heart (D2) Balloon +
Helium Birthday (D3) Balloon +
Vase Arranged (For fresh flowers) +
Ribbon Tied (bridal) +
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